Identity & Mobility

   Dedicated service subject to a contribution to cover costs


IDEM (IDEntity Management) enables you accessing several federated services making use of your institutional digital identity. For example, you can access electronic magazines from wherever you are making use of the same username and password you daily use for your university’s wifi network and email.
The GARR IDEM AAI service is the federation operator. It ensures high quality and effective technical operation of the Federation, enforces compliance to relevant standards, in agreement with other federation operator at the European scale and Worldwide.
All organizations connected to GARR can register an Identity Provider. Any organization (Service Provider) that provides services of interest to the GARR community (publishers, software providers or online services, etc.) can register a resource in the Federation.


The IdP in the Cloudservice gives the possibility to host the Identity Provider of an organisation on the GARR Cloud platform. Thanks to this service, the organisation will be able to manage the digital identities of its users without managing with the underlying technological aspects.
All organisations connected to GARR that are not yet members of the IDEM Federation can request the service and relative evaluation of the contribution to cover costs.
Under the agreement stipulated with the Italian Ministry of Health, IRCCS and IZS can request the service without having to pay additional costs.


eduroam (Education Roaming) ) is the service that allows users on the move to other organizations to easily and securely access the wireless network using the same credentials provided by their organization.


Certification Service GARR grants to its community digital certificates for free, both in the personal and server version These certificates are issued by one of the major commercial Certification Authorities: SECTIGO, automatically recognised by almost all existing web browsers. All organisations connected to GARR can request server certificates, while personal certificates can be requested by users of organisations that adhere to the IDEM Federation.

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