GARR EduMeet

GARR EduMeet

GARR EduMeet

GARR EduMeet is a simple and secure tool for video lessons or get connected to students. It is a fully open and free service, with no need for any credentials or registration


EduMEET is a very efficient application and for this reason it is also recommended on devices that are not particularly powerful or in case of poor connectivity

GARR EduMeeT is also avaiable for Android e iOS
and does not need any app installation


Uno Meet

use a browser

EduMeet works best with Chrome
Due Meet

enter the room name and your name

Pippo e Pluto   Pippo&Pluto

no spaces or special characters
Tre Meet

Let the meeting start 

now you can share the URL with the other participants


Here a tutorial on EduMEET - 2.49 min.

With EduMeet, GARR joins this initiative:

Support group



EduMeet is based on the open source Mediasoup system,
which was initiallydeveloped within the European collaboration GÉANT

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